Atv Frequency

Atv Frequency


The frequency information of the Atv broadcast in the Turksat 4A is 2019. In addition to the current frequency information, information about how to load the frequency information is available below so that you can watch the broadcast on your satellite receivers.

Atv 2019 Frequency:

Position Name: 42.0°E
Satellite Name: Turksat 4A
Frequency: 12054
Polarity : H (Horizontal)
Symbol : 27500
FEC : 5/6
Satellite Coverage Area :East
Quality: SD
Video PID : 1300
Audio PID : 1400

How to Install and Watch Atv on Satellite Receiver ?

To watch the Atv channel your satellite dish must be set to Turksat 4A satellite. If you have a satellite dish connected to the Turksat 4A satellite, you can add a frequency from the setup menu of your satellite device (in some devices, you can add transponder, manual channel search or similar). In Satellite, select ”Turksat 4A Uydu. After selecting the satellite, enter 12054 in the frequency section at the bottom. Select H (Horizontal) in the polarization section. Enter the number 27500 in the Symbol section. The FEC value is automatically selected by many satellite devices, so you may not change this value. If you want to change the FEC value, the FEC of the ATV broadcast is 5/6. Once you have entered all the frequency values properly, you can start the search and watch your broadcast.

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  1. I only have turksat 2-3A .can u tell me if it’s possible 4 me 2 connect ? And if so pls reply with frequency information. Thank you for your time.

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